Cargo Drone

There are four different cargo drone use cases that are worth mentioning:

  • Automation of intra-logistics, covering factories and warehouses
  • Parcel delivery (first/last mile), catering to dense urban areas
  • Supply of medical goods, normally to hard-to-reach places
  • Transportation of air freight, usually in rural areas

At Aero Smart, we provide a 360-degree solution for cargo delivery and drone logistics. This includes the drone, accessories required for a cargo delivery operation, software, and technical support. The best cargo drone available in the industry today is the Ziyan Blowfish A2 that has a payload capacity of 12 to 15 kgs and can operate up to 24 kms. With reduced payload, the drone can travel further.

Ziyan drone

The Blowfish can be customized to carry varied payloads in different scenarios and has been used extensively in high altitude and difficult terrain to deliver supplies through autonomous flight. With a rugged build that can withstand extreme weather conditions, the Blowfish A2 is the ultimate cargo delivery drone solution.

Advantages of Ziyan Blowfish A2

Wind-resistance Level 7 – with a rugged body and special fibre fuselage, it can stably execute missions under level 7 strong wind, wind speed 13.9-17.1m/s, 50-61km/h

Maximum flight distance 80 km – can achieve a flight distance of 80 km (Under guaranteed safety margin)

Maximum endurance 60-75 min – with a system powered by military grade batteries the Blowfish A2 can provide stable power under extreme environment between -20 and 65 degrees celsius.

Maximum speed 145km/h – autonomous flight at high speed and high-speed Beyond Line of Sight flight with automatic routes

For smaller payloads, the ideal drone is the DJI M600 PRO that can be customised to operate as an efficient cargo drone for payloads such as medical supplies, small packages, essential kits, and during emergency response scenarios.

We offer the DJI M600 PRO as a ready-to-fly drone that offers a 5 kg payload capacity and a flying time of between 15 and 20 minutes. As a cargo drone, the M600 has a flying radius of 8 kms and supports autonomous delivery from point A to B.

DJI M600 Pro drone black front view

Fly Dragon Heavy Lift Cargo Drone

The Fly Dragon Heavy Lift Cargo Drone is an excellent long endurance and heavy payload capacity drone that can weather rain and dust. With a maximum flight time of 81 minutes and a maximum payload of 12 kilograms, this drone has an IP rating of 56. With an ever increasing need for unique delivery solutions, cargo drones are proving to be of immense help in delivering medicine such as vaccines, and emergency food aid kits.

Fly Dragon Heavy Lift Cargo Drone