Agricultural Drones

Agricultural drones can optimize agriculture operations, increase crop production, and monitor crop growth. Sensors and digital imaging capabilities help in gathering information that can be useful in improving crop yields and farm efficiency.

In supporting precision farming, drones can scan soil health, monitor crop health, assist in planning irrigation schedules, apply fertilizers, estimate yield data and provide valuable data for weather analysis.

At Aero Smart, we provide the right solutions for employing agricultural drones. For example, the DJI Agras T40 is equipped with the revolutionary Coaxial Twin Rotor design, enabling it to carry a spray load of 40 kg and a spread load of 50 kg (70 L). The aircraft is built in with a Dual Atomized Spraying System, DJI Terra, Active Phased array Radar and Binocular Vision. It supports multiple missions from surveying, mapping, to spraying and spreading, helping you achieve ultimate precision in your agricultural operations.

The senseFly eBee Ag is part of the senseFly catalogue of drones a reliable, affordable solution to help farmers, agronomists and service providers map and monitor crops quickly and efficiently. The eBee Ag and its drone camera deliver timely plant health insights with accuracy and efficiency that’s only achievable from aerial data. Together, they’re powerful tools for making better decisions, growing healthier, higher-yielding crops and earning greater profit margins.

We also provide the enhanced Fly Dragon agricultural drones. The FDXD-8R-22L drone sprayer, for example, is Fly Dragon’s new agriculture drone for 2020, with a maximum take off weight of 55KG, a payload of 22 litres, flight time of 15 minutes, and an effective working area of 4 acres. For a list of Fly Dragon agricultural drones, please see below.

Fly Dragon Hybrid 16L Spraying Drone

Fly Dragon FDXD-8R-22L Agricultural Drone

Fly Dragon FDXD-6R-16L Agricultural Spraying Drone

Fly Dragon FDXD-4R-10L Agricultural Spraying Drone

Fly Dragon Seed Spreading Agricultural Drone

Fly Dragon agricultural Drone 22 litre sprayer